As of June 30, 2021, the Port Credit Paddling Club is currently operating under the Province of Ontario’s Stage 2 Covid 19 restrictions.

The dock is open to paid members who can bring their boats down to the Legion by car. Always maintain a 3 metre distance.

Once opened, the boathouse will be available for boat storage and removal only.

For outdoor training, as many people that can maintain a 3 metre distance is permitted. Only members of the same household can be in the same boat.

Port Credit Paddling Club Inc. (PCPC) is committed to the health and safety of the people who
paddle with us. By paddling safely and promoting water and paddling safety in the community, we
can ensure the enjoyment of paddling by our members, program participants and the public, as
well as the long term success of our club.

  1. PCPC is committed to complying with occupational health and safety laws and regulations
    and other standards and policies to which we subscribe.
  2. PCPC is committed to complying with the laws and regulations governing the safe
    operation and navigation of small vessels and pleasure craft. Members should at all times
    be aware of the movement of other boats on the river.
  3. PCPC is committed to working with our members, program participants and other users of
    the waters where we paddle to continuously improve health and safety performance
    related to paddling and the water.
  4. Members and program participants of PCPC are responsible for paddling safety, following
    water safety practices, using the required safety equipment, reporting hazards to others,
    and providing assistance to people or vessels in distress where it is safe to do so.
  5. PCPC members and program participants must promptly report all significant incidents to
    PCPC and to the emergency services when necessary.
  6. PCPC will perform regular monitoring of our safety equipment and our premises
  7. Members will make themselves aware of PCPC safety rules and will follow them at all
  8. PCPC Members must abide by the PCPC Paddling & COVID‐19 Public Health Measures