CanMas 2017

What a terrific day we had in Welland at the Canadian Masters Canoeing Championships!

A special thank you to our volunteers who sat in boats all day or helped in other ways. Without your help there would be no CANMAS. By stepping up to volunteer you have shown that not only can PCPC win lots of medals, but we help and make things happen when the call goes out. Thank you to Adrienne, Patti Brien, Arlene, Lid, Alex Warne  & Dennis.

A huge thank you to Darryl Böhm. It is a lot of work to organize crews and get everybody’s name on the race card.

Congratulations to all of our paddlers, no matter how many medals you won! And the war canoe! Who would have thought that with no practice we could put together a crew and win a bronze medal in War Canoe!